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Q & A

• Who is Mascon?
Mascon, based in Salmon Arm, has operated cable companies throughout B.C. since 1983. A family-run business from the start, Mascon maintains its local roots with strong community involvement. We joined the TELUS team in January, 2017.
• When did TELUS purchase Raftview?
As you may be aware, TELUS recently acquired local cable supplier, Raftview Communications as part of our Mascon brand on June 30th 2017. On Aug 15th 2017 we’ll be launching a rebranded Raftview website and all new customer contact info.
• What’s going to happen on Aug 15th?
Not much will change on Aug 15th as it relates to your TV and Internet service, but everything is going to change once we complete our network upgrades and rebuild. Every service that we sell on will be available to everyone in Barriere and Clearwater after the rebuild is complete, in about 12 to 18 months. This includes our super-fast 120 Mbps internet service to every home that wants it, a 100% digital TV line up and telephone service.
• Wireless Internet Customers
We have adjusted a few operational procedures with the wireless internet service to match up with the current setup at Mascon. The Raftview rate for bandwidth overages was $0.99/GB or $0.43/GB depending on the data top up package you chose, the Mascon rates is a flat $0.35/GB, which will save you money if you’re a heavy user. Previously if you went over your monthly limit, your service would be turned off automatically. At Mascon we won’t turn off your service, we’ll call or email you and let you know you have gone over and then adjust your plan to suit your usage needs. To change your package or speeds please call or email us at the numbers below.
• Ok that sounds good, so how do we get a hold of you?
Call us at 1-866-832-6020 or email us at for general inquires or for technical support, we’re also on Facebook and Twitter. All our hours of operation and contact info is available on our website,
• What does Mascon have to do to get us all these new services running and the faster internet?
We have lots of work to do before we can launch any of our services. The first thing we need to do is engineer and plan our network upgrade, we are already working on that. Once we have our plan then we’ll start work putting up fiber optics, lots of fiber, this will give us the foundation and capacity to provide all of our services and future proof the network. Lastly, we have some new network hardware to install and some new cable modems and digital receivers to deploy. There will be lots of other things in the middle but this is the high level over view and we are going to work hard to get this all done as quickly as we can.
• How does Mascon compare to other providers?
We think we stack up pretty well to anyone out there, in price, in product and in customer service. We don’t have contracts, you can change, increase, decrease, stop and start your service pretty much whenever you want. We want you to be our customer because you want to, not because you signed a 3 year contract. You’ll find that we are very easy to deal with and our staff are very good at what they do, give us a call or email us and find out for yourself.
• When do we switch over to Mascon pricing?
Your monthly service pricing will stay exactly the same as it is now until you switch from Raftview TV and Internet services to Mascon services, when they become available in 2018.
• How do I make a payment?
We have several payment methods:
– Cheque, mail to Mascon PO Box 3386 Salmon Arm BC V1E4S2
– Pre Authorized Chequing – if you had previously set this auto payment up with Raftview, it will carry over and work the same way with Mascon – no action required.
– Credit Card, Visa or Master Card – unfortunately the credit card information did not carry over to Mascon and this will need to get set up again. There is a form attached to your first Mascon bill that can be completed and sent in to us to re activate credit card billing, or you can give us a call.
– On-Line and Telephone Banking
– Pay at any bank
Please note, you only need the last 5 digits of your account number for telephone or on-line banking and choose Mascon Cable Systems as the Payee.

250-832-6000 (Local)

1-866-832-6020 (Toll-free)

250-832-5575 (Fax)

4901 Auto Road SE
Salmon Arm BC

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Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

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